When Steampunk meets Polynesian

The past few months I have been learning new things pretty much daily and the past few weeks I have been tasked on learning the machines on the vinyl side of the business.

As the illustrator/designer at the shop I am often given challenges or tasked to come up with ideas frequently. Jim loves to give me the most curve ball concepts to work with. From camel camp signs to robot repair men, so when Jim came up with this newest challenge I wasn’t shocked it be somewhere from left field.

Jim sit across from me a the shop, makes to easy to collaborate and bounce ideas off one another. One morning Jim calls over to me “Hey, Aubrey when you find yourself with a minute try drawing up some steampunk tikis.” I looked at him and tilted my head thinking to myself “What in the world?” Naturally, I did what I always do when Jim wants me to draw up something. I nodded and replied “yeah sure.”

Meanwhile, I secretly Googled and typed in steampunk tikis and nothing came up…  rats!


I started looking at traditional tikis and thought of things that are common in steampunk designs, the ideas started to swirl and well Ta Dah I passed Jim’s challenge.

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Published with permission from Synergy Sign & Graphics. Source.