Every day a little progress

Each day I try to spend at least a few minutes each day to do a little work on the grampa train. Most days it is a short time but it’s enough to build a file in EnRoute, cut a piece or two on the MultiCam plasma cutter, pull a couple of welds or do a little grinding. I managed to assemble and finish the train controller yesterday. Today I cut some holes in the floor of the cab and fit it into place. I’ll now work on the electric motor throttle (which will resemble a steam throttle) and fake firebox.

The backhead of the ‘steam engine’ is a beauty and should be a lot of fun for the younger riders who ride in the cab with me. I’ll run the functional controls while they of course will be able to ring the bell and pull the whistle cord. There are also plenty of (non-functioning) taps to adjust to make the engine run perfectly.


Published with permission from precisionboard.blogspot.com. Source.