Custom Tooling Board Blocks: Soft Tooling Made Easy

Custom Tooling Board Blocks Save Time, Money, and Material

Soft tooling can be a time-consuming and expensive process. A common method is to order a number of individual tooling board sheets, bond them together in-house, and then machine the newly formed block to size. This means a lot of added time and labor to bond the sheets together and wait for the adhesive to cure. On top of that, machining large rectangular block into the proper shape wastes a lot of material and ties up the CNC machine for much longer than necessary. Fortunately, we have the solution: Custom tooling board bonded blocks from Coastal Enterprises.

custom tooling board

It’s time to stop working hard, and start working smart. Precision Board custom-bonded blocks and tools are designed from the ground up to save you time, material, and money. Our skilled production team can assemble complex step tools of any size, any thickness, and any density. All we need is an isometric drawing to provide a quote. For our proprietary bonding method, we use our own EP-76 epoxy adhesive filled with our PB Granules to match the material density, resulting in imperceptible bond lines and smooth machining throughout the finished tool. We cut the sheets to size, carefully bond them together, and ship the assembled step tool directly to you. This means you can start machining as soon as the bonded block arrives, instead of wasting days or even weeks assembling it from scratch.

Custom tooling board

Get started on your next project today! We have a large inventory of densities for fast turnaround times, and a highly skilled production team to turn your idea into reality. Contact us for a quote on your own custom bonded tool, and download the new Precision Board Mobile app for easy access to Precision Board info:

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