How to Reduce CNC Machining Time in Soft Tooling

Smart and Easy Soft Tooling with Precision Board Bonded Blocks

Custom bonded blocks can be a game-changing asset for any soft tooling application. Order a professionally bonded custom block, and have it arrive fully bonded and ready for machining- this is a huge CNC time-saving benefit. Our custom bonded blocks allow you to save significant machining time, as you only need to machine minimal excess material, rather than machining an entire block down to size. See the diagram below:



As you can see, the savings in CNC machining time and material when using Precision Board custom blocks are substantial. Additionally, our fabricating capabilities go way beyond simple stepped designs. We’re experts at planning a material utilization strategy that is unique to your specific project, no matter how complex. All we need is a dimensional sketch of the finished tool, and we’ll take it quickly from there to prepare a quote. As you can see in the video above, our skilled production team is able to create large, highly complex tooling blocks from scratch. And thanks to our large inventory and highly skilled production team, we can create blocks of any size, any shape, and any density. Plus, we move fast!

soft tooling packaged

Precision Board custom bonded block ready to ship

After the custom tooling block is fabricated, it undergoes a careful packaging process to ensure it arrives intact. We use sacrifice sheets, reinforced edge protectors, a custom-sized pallet, and yards of plastic wrap and bindings to protect the block and secure it for shipping. You can rest assured that your Precision Board custom block will arrive undamaged and ready for machining.

So give us a call or email today to find out more about our custom tooling block capabilities, or request a quote for a custom block of your own. We’re here to help!