Stop stepping over tooling board business!

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 STOP stepping over tooling board business!


If your customers are using tooling board and you don’t know it, you’re probably stepping over good business! Coastal Enterprises offers offsets to most popular tooling boards. Precision Board Plus PBLT and PBHT has more to offer than the competition, including:

  • 8 standard sheet sizes: Watch the 0:52 second video
  • Available in any thickness from 1/2” to 24”.
  • 15 different densities, from 4 PCF to 75 PCF.
  • Both PBLT (200°F) and PBHT (300°F) available in all densities.
  • All in stock and ready to ship, typically with 2-3 day lead times.
  • We bond custom blocks and step tools, saving your customer labor and machining time. Watch the 0:59 second video
  • Unmatched technical support, available 8AM-5PM PST.
  • Click the link below for a sample kit, or explore our Mobile App!