Hands-on learning

I’ve known Julio Pierre for ten years, and had the chance to visit with him at sign trade shows through that time. Julio works for MultiCam as an application specialist. He does demonstrations of the various machines which MultiCam builds. Through the last ten years Julio has answered my countless questions as I sought to learn more about MultiCam CNC machines. Each time I see him he has expressed his desire to visit our shop. At last that time has come.

He is visiting for three days and in that time he wanted to see first hand all we do. We could of course do much better than that. We are giving him a chance to try his hand at doing all the various tasks that go into the magic we create.

He is already a master at the CNC machines and the programming so we didn’t need to spend time on that but we still had lots of ground to cover. Before he came we had routed some samples which he would paint. Becke did that teaching.

In between coats of paint he worked with me to do some sculpting with epoxy. We worked on my ‘MARVELOUS MACHINE’ which will make it’s debut in the MultiCam booth at the International Sign Association EXPO in Orlando next year.
Today, it was time to do a small concrete sculpture. Julio welded for the first time, then tackled the prickly job of attaching the expanded steel lath to his armature.
I suspect he has handled a trowel previously for he had no trouble with the job of applying the concrete.
Then, after the concrete has set for a while it was time to do a little carving. Julio it seems is a natural at just about everything we throw at him.

We have one more day in the shop to try a few more things.

Published with permission from precisionboard.blogspot.com. Source.