Seven years and doing well

Almost seven years ago we designed and fabricated the signs for an exclusive subdivision. The theme was of Japanese origin. At the entrance we built two large rocks with the subdivision name – OYAMA ESTATES. Each of the lots also received their own smaller sign which had some positive attribute Japanese symbol and a house number attached. Underneath smaller lettering provided the translation.

A short while ago I received an email from the new owner of one of the houses. Someone had stolen their sign and they were requesting a new one. It took me a while to dig through my old files but I located the vector files and some photos of the project. We provided a quotation and they OK’d the job. Before we started however I needed measurements and to check the colours we had used. In the seven years since we did the job I couldn’t remember the particulars.

On the next sunny day that I had some time I cruised out to the project (in the Jeep with the top down of course) to take some measurements, check my colour chips and pick up the deposit cheque.

As luck would have it I had a great picture of the sign (bottom one).

The signs still looked great after seven years. Some needed a gentle pressure wash but other than that they had held up extremely well. Sign people often ask me why we use 30 lb Precision board and why we go through the trouble of triple coating all of our signs. This seven year old project speaks to the reason.

Published with permission from Source.