Signs should be creative and fun!

As I look at the signs for developments it makes me wonder why there aren’t more creative and fun ideas used. The sign industry is chock full of people who insist they are creative and yet most of the signs are far from it.

We take a far different tack as we design developments. Imagine of we could use creativity at every turn – literally. Why do trees signs have to be a boring rectangular flat piece of metal with some boring type stuck on them?

With the advent of modern software, high tech materials and CNC plasma cutters, lasers and routers this kind of sign is easier than ever to design and create.

We are currently working on a number of projects where we will be proposing some very different ideas. The first one, below, is from a project I designed about seven years ago. Sadly the project never went ahead for it would have been ground breaking. It was for a tourist development by the seaside. The street signs and direction signs were to have been very different.

A current project is smaller in scale but even more creative. Many details are still under wraps but I can share two signs which will be part of many in the series. The brackets and lettering on the signs would be made of plasma cut steel, welded together and then powder coated for longevity. The cute vehicles on the top will be routed from 30 lb Precision Board. We’ll do them in halves and then glue them together. Smaller details will be added before the final paint.
With this approach even the smaller signs will be focal points. This project will gather a lot of attention and be truly memorable by all who visit. It will all be designed in from the start.

Published with permission from Source.