Now that the little trail truck is running and the bulk of the big fabricating is behind us it is time to begin all of the fun small stuff. I’m currently working on the levers which will control the functions of the vehicle. The Johnson bar which is bolted to the running board controls the forward and reverse of the variable speed hydrostatic transmission. To operate it you pull the safety back and then move the lever forward and reverse. The disc brake is controlled by the new lever addition – just above it. To operate the brake you push on the lever. This controls has a safety which will lock the lever in position to act as a parking brake. I still have to fabricate the throttle which will be located just behind the brake.

Each lever is to be slightly different and all will have a steampunk flavour – just for fun.

All of the cutting files were designed in EnRoute and then cut on the MultiCam plasma.

This morning I got an idea for the other side of the cab. The previous controls were mounted on the opposite side to keep them out of reach of the kids – for safety reasons. But those little ones will want to do much more than just ride. So I am going to add two more levers between the cab of the truck and the sidecar. I sketched out the ideas before starting the designs in EnRoute. These two levers will be hooked to cables which will be connected to the whistle and bell. The kids will be able to control both functions while still fitted safely in the sidecar. That’s bound to entertain them endlessly and our neighbours too!  🙂

Published with permission from precisionboard.blogspot.com. Source.