Inn progress

Back in the middle of April I hinted at a project our family was going to undertake – a little inn. Peter and Hailey (son and daughter in law) purchased the property next door to us and now are going through the zoning process to make the project possible. This means we have been busy doing up the concept plans. There’s been plenty of discussion and many versions of the buildings but things are pretty well settled now. The land is large enough to build a three suite inn and a house for their family. Each of the suites will be about 600 square feet with a 600 square foot private garden.

Each will carry a distinct theme. The front suite, closest to the road will be the explorer’s suite. The story is about a sea captain who travelled the world. The ‘North Star’ suite will be home to his vast collection of treasures and moments from this exciting journey. The sleeping quarters are in the stern of the ship which is attached to the building.

The center unit is fully wheelchair accessible and is an earth covered house. It is dubbed the ‘Under Hill’ suite. Inside and out will be a true delight and unlike anything seen previously.

The third room carries the theme of a castle. The bed chamber is high in the tower, complete with a luxurious soaker tub with a view. Rich opulent decor and furniture will be fit for a queen.

We are in the process of making the signs now and I’ll be posting the step by step progress shortly.

Published with permission from Source.