Assemblymen;ling the Copper Crown Sign

We formed the pieces for the crown using our roller and also by hand as necessary.

Then everything was welded up into once assembly.

While we could have routed the end pieces it was easier and faster the do it by hand. We formed some pencil rod in the shape we wanted and then attached some metal lath. 

The ring around the crown was cut from a piece of 16″ diameter pipe. The Curved flat bar was hand shaped and formed in pieces. It was then welded together to form one bracket that perfectly matched the shape of the scroll. We then hand sculpted the curls using sculpting epoxy. The plasma cut curlicues were then welded into place

A coat of sculpting epoxy was hand formed over thee plasma cut steel to formed a beveled form.

As with all of our work it got three base coats of colour and then blends and blazes to make it come alive.

Published with permission from Source.