Tank Details

The wind up key mount was the first accessory relief to be created for the tank. I started with a flat relief 0.2″ tall.
The rivets were the next modification by using the dome tool.
The centre was the next step, also created with the dome tool and the add to command. 
In order the take the guess work out of where to drill the hole for the key I added a digit to the centre using the dome tool with the take away command.

Next up was the hatch lid. It started as a simple flat relief.

This flat relief was modified using the dome tool

The two mountain g arms were created as 1/2″ tall flat reliefs.
These two arms were then combined with the lid of the hatch.
The hatch itself was the next step/. It was created as a flat relief which was 0.2″ tall.

The raised ring and lid mounting flange vectors were then used to modify the flat relief using the add to command. They were raised 0.8″ making the piece a total of 1″ tall (the same thickness as our board)
The last step was to add the rivets using the dome tool.

That finished the reliefs for the tank. It was a simple matter of tool pathing them and sending the files along to the MultiCam to be cut from 30 lb Precision Board.

Published with permission from precisionboard.blogspot.com. Source.