Signing off

Back in March of 2010 I posted the very first entry to this blog. At that point I had been using Precision Board and a CNC router about four years and was still very much at the beginning of a learning adventure that continues to this day. I know that learning adventure will never end.

Here’s that first post.

In this journal it is my hope that I will be able to share with you the many ways we use Precision Board high density urethane and other products from Coastal Enterprises in our projects. We don’t always follow the directions or use things in a similar fashion as most other people. We have however, through proven experience used these products with great success to build the wildest things imaginable. 

I’ll be posting a couple times each week, showing projects we have done in the past and also giving peeks into what’s going on in our studio on a regular basis. Hopefully the posts will inspire everyone to push their own boundaries as well.

What we do on a daily basis is WAY more fun than actually working! It’s going to be a fun journey!

Way back then information on CNC routers and how to use them was hard to come by.  Precision Board was still relatively new to the industry as well and few were using the heavier densities I already loved. I had so many questions which needed answering and I knew many others did too. I approached Coastal Enterprises to sponsor this endeavour and thankfully, they happily did.

Over the last eight years I have posted almost 1,300 entries to this blog (and sister blogs sponsored by EnRoute Software and MultiCam.) Those many hundreds of project step by steps, videos and drawings have been viewed more than 653,000 times. That’s AMAZING and a whole lot more than I ever imagined possible. It is gratifying to have achieved that kind of following.

As we turn the corner into 2018 we’ve decided to discontinue this project in this form. The ‘speaking from experience’ blog will stay live, with all of the valuable information archived and still accessible. It is my hope that readers will still use the archived material as they need to in the future.

The good news is that I will continue posting our projects as a guest writer on Coastal Enterprises’ official blog each month.

I want to say a BIG thank you to Coastal Enterprises for supporting this adventure for the last eight years! And thanks to all of our faithful readers as well! I look forward to sharing a whole lot more cool projects through 2018 and beyond!

And you can always check out our latest projects on our journal at

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