3D Modeling the Weasel Boy Brewing Co. Signs

When Weasel Boy Brewing Co. needed to replace their parking lot and building signs with something a little more noticeable, they contacted Xpressive graphiX in Zanesville, Ohio to do the work.  Tony Rose used 15 lb. Precision Board HDU and 3d modeling to save fabrication time.  He talks us through his creative process on updating the brewery signs and making them pop a bit with dimensional elements.

3d modeling

“These signs were done to replace the brewery’s existing PVC signs using the same brackets and frames,” says Tony.  “There was a parking lot across the street that nobody ever knew was there because the sign was too small and had bad colors, so we replaced them all,” he added.  Xpressive graphiX created a pole-mounted sign, building sign and four single sided signs on two existing frames from PBLT-15.

They had brewery signs, but wanted something a little bigger.  Tony originally drew it up with a more traditional sign shape, but the brewery wanted to change it to show the beer.  “We debated doing a keg for the signs, but the keg didn’t look right with the bottle cap logo, so we ended up doing the beer glass look with the logo over that,” says Rose.  Their logo is a weasel holding a bottle cap.

Tony mostly used 3D modeling except for the tongue.  “Being able to 3D model everything on the sign really sped it up because we didn’t have to hand carve anything.”  He added, “There was very little touch up with hand carving, mostly on the tongue.  We did sculpting on the fingers to top them off.”

He used FSC-88 to prime the signs and give them texture.  He then used exterior latex paints and airbrushed the shadows and highlights.  Tony clearcoated everything afterwards with an acrylic clear coat paint.

Tony did the 3D modeling using Enroute Pro and Adobe Illustrator.  The Precision Board HDU was routed with their MultiCam CNC.  The routing took about 12 hours.  Start to finish, the project took about ten days.

3d modeling

Tony and his team do great work and we couldn’t be more impressed. Xpressive graphiX is a full service sign company specializing in all aspects of strategic visual communication. If you’re looking for creative dimensional signage using Precision Board HDU, give Tony a call at 740-452-6804 or visit the website at www.xpressivegraphix.com to see the all the types of sign work they offer.

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