Kern Laser: Settings for Laser-Engraving Precision Board HDU

We often get asked if Precision Board HDU can be cut with a laser jet.  Absolutely!  To show what kind of fine detail can be engraved into our material, we reached out to Kern Laser and asked them to laser cut something cool into a sample of PBLT-20 Precision Board HDU.  The results are spectacular and can be seen in the video below.  Read on to get settings information and learn more about laser-engraving of Precision Board high-density urethane with Kern laser cutters.

Kern Laser used their OptiFlex 400 Watt laser cutter to engrave the 3D image of a lion into our 20lb Precision Board HDU.

The OptiFlex is Kern’s flagship high performance laser system. The HyperDual motion package installed on the OptiFlex is setting the standard for large format laser cutting and engraving machines. This improved motion system features a rack and pinion design and powerful servo motors at each side of the laser table. Cut acceleration rates are up to three times faster with a 100{afbea94bd31582343c3017644f03ec8d7d8fa2386ecb82c250661e06c0c6e111} increase in top end vector speed. The X axis has also been upgraded with twin linear rails and a thicker steel reinforced belt.

Adam Voigt, Marketing Coordinator with Kern Laser, said “watching the laser create contrast and precision depth in this material was great.”  He added, “this is a neat application with a laser source.”

You can check out the specific settings that Kern Laser used below.

Settings Info:

  • 50{afbea94bd31582343c3017644f03ec8d7d8fa2386ecb82c250661e06c0c6e111} Power
  • 60 Inches Per Second (Engraving Speed)

Lasers can be an effective means of cutting, engraving, and marking various materials. High power, high-wavelength Carbon Dioxide lasers are widely used for material processing, namely for their versatility and relatively low cost as compared to solid-state laser systems. CO2 lasers are ideal for projects that require cuts or engravings so precise that they prevent the use of hand tools, or even a CNC router.

Precision Board HDU from Coastal Enterprises can be laser-engraved with great results and without worry about the toxicity of the fumes.  Universal Laser Systems conducted tests on the effluent created from laser cutting several different densities of Precision Board and indicated that, “the effluent stream is primarily composed of carbon monoxide, acetone, propene, and acetonitrile. The concentration of the detected compounds did not exceed their respective OSHA PEL at any level of filtration during this study.”  Permissible Exposure Limits (PEL) are federal regulations that dictate safe chemical exposure levels.  You can read more about laser-engraving of Precision Board HDU HERE.

To watch the full video of the laser-engraving from start to finish (14 minutes), head over to our YouTube and watch it HERE.


Kern Laser Systems was founded in 1982 by Gerald Kern, with the main objective to design and manufacture top quality industrial laser cutting and laser engraving machines to meet demanding production schedules. The company headquarters are located in the beautiful lakes country of Minnesota. The facility consists of a modern 50,000 sq. ft. building with 30 full-time employees.

Kern Laser Systems started by supplying motion systems for the existing computerized rotary engraving machines. As the sealed CO2 lasers became commercially available, Kern incorporated its motion package with the laser, developing a complete turnkey laser cutting and engraving solution. Kern’s vision has always been to manufacture laser systems that will fit the customer’s needs, at an affordable price, with the versatility to suit a variety of industries.

Today, Kern Laser Systems is proudly owned and operated by the first and second generations of the Kern family. Our goal moving forward is to constantly improve our products, improve processing times, and continue to offer our customers the best customer service in the laser industry.  You can visit their website or give them a call at (888) 660-2755.


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