National Composites Week – Benefits of Precision Board Urethane Tooling

National Composites Week is designed to introduce young people and others in the community to the composites industry, the career opportunities available, and demonstrate the contributions composites make to the local, national and global economy.  Coastal Enterprises manufactures Precision Board, a high-density urethane tooling board used extensively in composites, including industries like aerospace, automotive and marine and in a variety of applications including molds and prototypes. 

We’ll be sharing various ways that Coastal supports composites throughout the week.

Today’s Topic: The benefits of Precision Board over other tooling boards

Precision Board urethane tooling board is a high-quality tooling material available through our wide-spread distributor network.  When deciding which urethane tooling board to purchase, consider that Coastal Enterprises offers you benefits that you can’t get anywhere else…something we like to call “The Coastal Advantage”.

national composites week

The Coastal Advantage

  • 16 densities of Precision Board in high-temp and low-temp.
  • 8 sheet sizes ranging from 20″x60″ to 5’x10′.
  • Thickness ranging from 1/2″ to 24″ in ANY increment.
  • Fast turnaround of DAYS not weeks.
  • Custom-bonding of step-tools and blocks.
  • Free technical support.
  • Distributor network.
  • Protective packaging of your order.

Custom Bonded Blocks

We can deliver a custom-bonded block or step-tool in near-net shape to you, ready for machining upon delivery, saving you material and labor costs and maximizing your machining time.  Our large in-house inventory of Precision Board urethane tooling lets us get your tool out the door in days, not weeks.  Get a quote today!

New 25lb Density (PBLT-25/PBHT-25)

national composites week

Our brand new density – 25lb, is now available in both PBLT and PBHT versions. The new 25lb Precision Board tooling board can provide similar performance to our 30lb material, while proving cost-effective & light-weight.

PBLT-25 is great for composite master molds, short run thermaform tools, fixtures and more…and is available now.  Call us for pricing and availability.

8 Standard Sheet Sizes

With 8 standard sheets sizes ranging from 20″x60″ to 5’x10′, we offer more options for your tooling project than any other comparable company.  We offer thicknesses in ANY increment from 1/2″ up to 24″ and custom-cutting within these sheet sizes.

Customized Packaging

national composites week

Our Precision Board material is wrapped up safe and secure using multiple layers of protective packaging, including cover sheets made from Precision Board urethane.  Orders include before and after packaging photos and are delivered on pallets secured with metal bands.

Call 800-845-0745 to talk to our technical staff, request pricing on sheets of Precision Board urethane tooling, or get a quote on a custom-bonded step-tool.

National Composites Week Schedule

Monday- Coastal’s School Donation Program
Tuesday- What is soft tooling and how has it changed the composites industry?
Wednesday- The benefits of Precision Board over other tooling boards
Thursday- The creation and benefits of Precision Board step-tools
Friday- Coastal’s long history and roots in the space program

A group of composites industry leaders has announced the creation and launch of the inaugural National Composites Week, Aug. 26-30, 2019. The goal of National Composites Week is to encourage manufacturers from throughout the composites manufacturing supply chain — raw material suppliers, convertors, designers, toolmakers, fabricators, educators, students — to celebrate and bring attention to the myriad ways that composite materials and composites manufacturing contribute to the products and structures that shape the American manufacturing landscape today.  More information is available HERE

National Composites Week was organized and launched by braiding specialist A&P Technology, global advanced composites company Hexcel and media partner CompositesWorld magazine.

Coastal Enterprises manufactures Precision Board, a versatile, cost-effective and eco-friendly urethane material used extensively in the tooling industry.  It is a closed-cell, rigid, dimensionally-stable substrate that is ideal for use in a number of different tooling applications.

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