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09 Mar

Construction progress going well.

  Hey all! We’ve been working on our expansion and happy to report that it’s going well. The walls are up for our new Vehicle Wrap bay and the paint shop will be right next door. We’ve more than doubled our capacity for wraps! We’re all very excited and we’re close, very close. Waiting on some snow to thaw so we can put the overhead door in.

09 Mar

RAB Lighting Sprinter Van Wrap

We just finished up a a nice “large” wrap for our friends at RAB Lighting on a custom Sprinter Van. Here Greg is prepping the van – removing all exterior parts so the wrap can be installed properly. Once prepped the guys will layout all the panels for a nice fit.  Rad and Greg have the panels lined up and they begin the install. we are using Avery premium wrap vinyl for the printed graphics with an Avery gloss laminate. Great job guys! – Steve  

20 Feb

A Pig… With a Mustache

Not totally sure why but my 8 year old is obsessed with pigs. And if you throw a mustache on it she’s even more happy. So I wanted to make something that we could hang on the wall here at the studio that would make her smile when she visits – and give us a bit of a challenge to make. I started by finding a basic 3D model of a pig then did a little digital sculpting to make a “friendlier” shape.

18 Feb

Chrome Guitar Wrap

Today Rad had the pleasure of wrapping an Ibanex Strat Style Guitar body with Avery Chrome Vinyl. Looks great – Maybe he’ll wrap my car in chrome next…. – Steve All ready for the hardware, pickups and strings.

13 Jan

Where to put all these pens?

The nice thing about having a 3D printer is that as you think of things to make your life a little easier you can just print them! I’ve had it with pens, pencils and my stylus rolling all round my desk – so I just printed myself a handy little pen holder. What do you need printed? - Steve  

14 Dec

United Cheese Steaks Of America – Food Truck – Oh Yeah!

Be prepared – they are coming to your town! This is our latest wrap for United Cheese Steaks Of America food truck. So this is where we start. We need to make this thing amazing – Its up to Nanette our designer to work with the client to come up with a design that will stop people in the tracks (and make them hungry). This truck is incredible inside and their food is amazing so the wrap has to live up to all of that and convey it! For the graphic production we use the Avery EZ RS Supercast Vinyl with the Avery DOL 1060 cast  premium overlaminate film.

05 Dec

Still “Frozen” this Christmas…

Once again we had the great fortune to work on the “Frozen” display at the Disney Store in Times Square. This was a lot of fun as usual and my daughter Mary got to meet Olaf in person! The client gave us sketches of the Frozen Castle and our challenge was to make a display out of acrylic. We came up with a few concepts and started building it half scale to work out the kinks. Once we had the design down it was time to build it full size which was about 8′ tall. Here is the main structure made out of gator foam.

25 Nov

Full 3D Dolphin Art Piece

We recently had a great opportunity to work with an artist client of ours.  His piece incorporated a  five foot long three dimensional dolphin. Of course we immediately said yes to the project and jumped right in. We started by sourcing a 3D Model of the “perfect dolphin” for the job – the client reviewed all the options and once he settled on the final shape we began our work. In the 3D model we removed the fins which will be cut separately and attached later.

24 Nov

Callahan’s Is Coming….

Every day that goes by Dan seems to be making great progress on his storefront. Our temporary window graphics are holding up and today we got the light box sign installed. Now that the cold weather is setting in we need to complete the awning then focus on the graphics inside. This will be an awesome project and we will surely be paid in free Callahan’s hot dogs for life (wink, wink). Rad and Mark were busy cutting the graphics and applying them to the sign face

24 Sep

Sign Recreation: Ben & Jerrys

Technology is truly awesome! We were recently contacted by a retail store that had  their sign damaged beyond repair in a storm. The client had to have the same sign recreated – this was a hand carved Ice cream cone and logo. She decided to ship me the parts to inspect so I could recreate it. The package arrived and yes it was beyond repair and covered in dirt and… mold. As I was putting the parts together to get measurements Rad, our Production Manager, walked by and said “Just 3D Scan It”.  I hadn’t thought of it but that sounded like a fun way to reproduce the sign. So I put together the broken sign on the floor and ran our hand held Cubify Sense 3D scanner over the face of the old sign and it appeared on the screen in 3D model form.