Sierra Technical Services: Engineering and Composite Tooling Services For Your Project

Sierra Technical Services, or STS, located in the heart of the Antelope Valley can give you the composite tooling and engineering help you need. With over 30 years of experience, specializing in the manufacturing of composite tooling and structures, and aerospace engineering services, STS will help you get to your desired solution quickly and economically.

Their composite manufacturing services include mold fabrication, Nomex honeycomb core, and fiberglass and graphite composites. Roger Hayes, at STS, uses Precision Board Plus for his composite mold fabrication because of its ease of use, large sheets and blocks readily available, and the technical assistance he gets from Coastal Enterprises. “Precision Board Plus, in either the PBLT or PBHT, is delivered in large standard sizes, up to 5’ x 10’, ready to machine on our CMS Aeres 5-Axis, High-Speed Machining Center. This is a great advantage that saves us time and money compared to bonding multiple boards from another manufacturer.”

STS’s CMS Aeres 5-Axis, High-Speed Machining Center


Their group of hand-selected engineering talent, who specialize in everything from aerodynamics, mechanical design, tooling, and more, will provide you with engineering services at their facility or yours. Combine the experienced group of engineers with their quick-paced manufacturing services, made possible with the help of Coastal Enterprises, Sierra Technical Services will help you get your engineering and tooling needs done as efficiently as possible.

Visit Sierra Technical Services’ website at, or call them at 661-824-3992, to see additional work and how they can help you.