Let’s give a BIG “Hand” to ISG

Since 1980, the team at Impressive Signs and Graphics has been making one-of-a-kind pieces using Precision Board Plus. From concept to completion, the ISG team has a natural instinct for turning ideas into compelling realities.


The “Hand” was sculpted using a solid block of PBLT-18 followed by the PB Hard Coat Texture Surface Coating for added durability and texture, then painted for realism.


The “Hand” is a new concept in dimensional advertising, taking the place of the old fashioned “A” Board. “It’s certainly turning heads” says Craig Sorenson, President of ISG. “We plan on reproducing the hand in high quantities and offering them through sign suppliers.” Craig continues, “Coastals Precision Board Plus products are perfect for this application, allowing great detail and a perfect master for us to create a 2-part mold.”



We would like to thank Impressive Signs and Graphics for their continued loyalty and impressive use of Precision Board.

Want to find out more information about Impressive Signs and Graphics? Contact Craig and his team Phone: 253-455-5146 or visit their website.

And remember Coastal Enterprises Company is here for YOU!