MultiCam Waterjet Cutting Precision Board HDU

MultiCam Inc., a global supplier of CNC cutting solutions, tested out their 5000 Series Waterjet on several densities of Precision Board HDU and sent us video and settings information. They cut a variety of shapes into the Precision Board, showing off the 5-axis capabilities of the machine.  Read on to get MultiCam Waterjet settings and watch some really cool videos of our high-density polyurethane being cut by a waterjet machine.

multicam waterjet

MultiCam cut different shapes and sizes out of 2″ thick PBLT-15, PBLT-30, and PBLT-40 and recorded the cut settings using their 5000 Series MultiCam Waterjet. This machine is designed to offer end-users the capability to cut through nearly any type of material at almost any thickness. Since the cutting medium is water, this system is ideal for industries that require a finished non-heat-affected part or piece. Because Precision Board HDU is a closed-cell, rigid, non-porous material, it makes it perfect for waterjet cutting.

Machine: MultiCam 5000 Series Waterjet
PSI: 60,000
IPM: 46.487 (PBLT-15), 33 (PBLT-30), 25 (PBLT-40)
Orifice: .01”
Focusing Tube: .03”
Abrasive: Barton 80 HPX
Abrasive Feed Rate: .75lbs per minute

The basic settings stayed the same for all cuts on all densities. The only thing that changed was the IPM (inches per minute), reflected in the chart above.

“By cutting with a highly-pressurized stream of water from our MultiCam 5000 Series Waterjet, there is virtually no chips or debris which is beneficial for quickly and easily cutting intricate parts in one pass,” says Joshua Santa Cruz, Marketing Specialist for MultiCam.

MultiCam is a global supplier of innovative CNC cutting solutions for industries ranging from sign making to digital finishing, sheet-metal to plate-steel processing, hardwoods to cabinet making, thermoform trimming to plastics fabrication, as well as a wide variety of aerospace and automotive applications. Check out their website or give them a call at (972)-929-4070.

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