Book that Brett Boros Precision Board HDU Sign!

When Brett Boros with Signworks Studios in Connecticut wanted to add some pizazz to a sign for a client on a budget, he came up with a three-dimensional book and bookmark fabricated out of PBLT-18 Precision Board HDU.  Brett used his CNC to rough out the pattern and then hand-carved the details with a dremel and die grinder.

brett boros

Brett has both a sign-making company and a printing company, so when a printing customer of theirs wanted to have a sign made, they knew where to go. “We put some ideas together for them,” says Boros. “They were on a budget, but we wanted to do something cool that would still fit into what they wanted to spend.”  Because of the budget concerns, he went with Precision Board instead of the more expensive sculpted concrete.

They designed a dimensional book out of 18 pound Precision Board to go on the church’s main sign. “We did the design in Adobe Illustrator and then brought it into Enroute, did the toolpath and then sent it to our MultiCam 3000 CNC router.

He used the CNC to carve the perimeter shape of the book. The main body of the book was one 2″ thick piece of Precision Board. The cover was another piece of ¾” thick Precision Board. Once the main shape was roughed out by the CNC, he then hand carved the details in with a dremel and die grinder.  “I use my Multitool a lot from Bosch. That works good for hogging out material quick,” he adds.

For this job Brett used a one part urethane adhesive to attach the cover to the pages and put a few screws in the back to attach it to the main part of the sign. He then primed and painted it with four or five coats of Benjamin Moore Exterior Aura glaze on the books.

Brett used several different substrates in bringing the entire sign together.  The background of the sign is Komacel PVC with an aluminum structure framework for it. The post sleeves were also Versatex PVC. The books were Precision Board.

Signworks Studios is a full service sign shop, where they try to stand out by creative work for their customers. The company is family-owned and is housed in a 3000 square foot commercial building. They offer a lot of in-house capabilities, including custom metal fabrication, CNC router service, hand sculpture/carving, digital printing, and more. They like to use different materials and come up with unique ways of doing things. Brett also has a commercial print shop called New Milford Printing that handles all aspects of printing and offers a lot of in-house capabilities. Signworks Studios and New Milford Printing are both located in New Milford, CT. You can give Brett Boros a call at 860.799.5700 or You can also check out Brett Boros on Instagram.

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