SignCraft excerpt: Hank Pryor of Kingdom Productions

Hank Pryor has been doing dimensional signage and theming work for a long time.  You’ve probably seen his company’s work at a cultural attraction near you.  He uses Precision Board HDU for his dimensional signs and theming projects so we couldn’t be happier to see him profiled in SignCraft Magazine in January.  He does amazing 3D work and his company, Kingdom Productions, is worth checking out.  You can read an excerpt from the article and check out a photo gallery of his work at the bottom of this article.

kingdom productions

For nearly thirty years Hank Pryor made 3D signs, mostly for local businesses, but occasionally he would get themed projects for children’s places or churches.  He branded his company Kingdom Productions and always had a place in his heart for theming.  It wasn’t until a lucky break in 2010 that he charted a new course for his company and a new focus.  Check out this excerpt from his profile piece in SignCraft Magazine.

In 2010, we were given an opportunity to do some work for the Cincinnati Zoo. That began a complete change of direction for us. We refocused the business on doing themed projects for cultural attractions—zoos, museums and theme parks. At first, it was smaller themed food stands, but then we got into themed environments. This was much closer to my original dream.

Our niche has become food and retail projects for the cultural attraction market, and we work all over the country. Themed projects are meant to take the visitor out of where they are and into somewhere else, bringing them into the experience. It is called Immersive Theming. Many of our projects have become photo-ops for the guests.

We really enjoy doing full environments, which includes the highly themed signs, but there’s a lot of other work that goes into it as well. We do projects in cultural attractions all over the US. It’s different from most sign work, though, in that you get a lot more detailed. The people who see the signs, graphics and props are on foot rather than racing by in a car.

kingdom productions

Kingdom Productions is a faith-based company which specializes in the creation of world-class themed spaces, displays, exhibits, fixtures dimensional signage through the unique combination of creative imagination and technical know-how (imagineering) from concept to completion.  They offer above and beyond customer attention through genuine respect and care for each client and their interest.  Kingdom Productions also invests in resources to care for the poor, the widow, the orphans and Christian ministries local and foreign.  They can be found on Facebook and their website.  You can also call them at (513) 843-7750.

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Read the entire article here and view a thumbnail gallery below with some of his amazing work done with Precision Board HDU.

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