Scalloped Panel – Andreozzi Architecture (Part 1)

Andreozzi Architects in Rhode Island used Precision Board HDU to create a historically influenced scalloped panel that is the “base” to a window composition for a beachfront house in Narragansett, RI built by Suburban Renewal. They chose Precision Board because they knew from past projects that it carves well and paints up just like wood so it would tie into the adjacent wood trim without a visible difference. They also liked that it would hold up in the harsh beachfront environment.  In part-one of our two-part series, Sr. Associate and Project Manager Dave Rizzolo takes us through one of the many architectural applications for Precision Board- a scalloped panel.

scalloped panel

The team at Andreozzi Architecture designed this house from top to bottom and used PBLT-20 Precision Board HDU to create a scalloped window panel.  “This was a first for us in terms of doing something ornate for a window panel,” says Dave.

Rizzolo was concerned about how they were going to keep water out of the wall systems.  Given the extreme weather of the area and its impact on the house over time, having one piece was key- no joints.

“If it was going to be built out of wood, it would be fairly big pieces and be more vulnerable to water. You don’t want to get water behind your trim work,” Dave says.  “With the Precision Board HDU we were able to create one solid piece,” he adds.

scalloped panel

The scalloped panel wasn’t the only part of the home that they built using Precision Board high-density urethane.  The three raised panels on the dormer as well as the triangular gable over the front door were made using Precision Board.  Andreozzi Architecture founder David Andreozzi adds, “We used true Roman proportioned numbers for the address panel to make it look like they had been hand-chiseled or made out of wood.”

Dave worked with a local millwork shop on the design of the scalloped panel.

“The shop created submittals of the carving, done on their CNC, for our review and feedback. After the first submittal we made a few tweaks and changes and clarified the design intention which were further clarified in the second round of shop drawings,” Rizzolo adds. “The panel was installed along with the adjacent wood trim and painted with Benjamin Moore Exterior paint – you can’t see a difference between the materials.”

Andreozzi Architecture is a unique team of design-oriented architects driven by a passion for creating elegant architectural solutions that address their client’s needs and desires in ways that are innovative, respectful of tradition and craft, yet respective of budget. The size of a project or cost per square foot is irrelevant in their quest to produce successful projects and happy clients.  Founded in 1988, they specialize in historically based residential architecture expressive of its sense of place, attentive to its detail and proportion, and timeless in its beauty. A regional architecture: historically mastered, meticulously preserved, respectfully honored, and artistically reinterpreted; from city, to mountain, to ocean. Commissions exist from Commonwealth Avenue, to the shores of New England, to the Bahamian Islands.  You can give them a call at (401) 245-6800 or visit their website.

Coastal Enterprises manufactures Precision Board HDU, a versatile, cost-effective and eco-friendly high-density urethane material that has achieved a certified “Carbon Balance” of 3 to 1 and a “Rapidly Renewable Resource Content” of 23.9%.  Precision Board also assists in meeting LEED requirements for obtaining USGBC and ICC 700-2008 building credits.  It is a closed-cell rigid substrate that does not rot, warp or crack.  You can request free samplesget a quote or sign up for periodic newsletters packed with helpful information.