TBT: A 30″ x 240′ Replica of the Hong Kong Skyline

Throwback Blog to January of 2015 and this very cool replica of the Hong Kong skyline created out of Precision Board HDU and coated with LuminOre, a sprayable metal coating.

Wolfpack Sign Group in Vista, CA is working on a very exciting project for a cultural center located in Hong Kong.  Once complete, it will be 30″ tall  x 240′ in length.

Joseph Parrish, Director of Operations, explained that the customer wanted to reproduce the city skyline, which is quite extensive, in a bronze casting. However, after looking into the cost and weight of casting so much solid bronze, they reached out to their vendors for a creative solution.

Utilizing Precision Board Plus PBLT-30 HDU, in sections of 30” x48” and hours of CNC time, they machined a 2” sheet to give it the appearance of much more depth, so it would better replicate the skyline. Once machining was completed, the entire piece was coated in LuminOre, sprayable metal coating, and polished.

“We were very pleased with how easy the Precision Board was to machine, and the tremendous customer service in working with us and LuminOre to get the process methods worked out.” Says Joseph.

“We are very glad to have had such a solid partner on this exciting, creative project!”

(Editor’s Note 2018: Wolfpack Sign Group may no longer be in business) To see additional work that Wolfpack Sign Group offers, please see their web site or give Joseph a call at (760) 736-4500 ext. 206.