Using X-Edge Router Bits to Maximize your CNC Machine

Do you want to maximize the capabilities of your CNC Router without breaking the bank?  According to X-Edge Tools, as technology has advanced, CNCs have become faster and more efficient but router bits haven’t changed much.  Instead of simply following the old chip load calculator and calling it a day, X-Edge Tools decided to design, test, re-design, test and repeat until they achieved the absolute best balance between speed and cut quality.  We asked them to test cut Precision Board HDU and see how fast they could rout it without degrading the edge quality.  They cut our material at feeds from 300-1000 inches per minute (IPM) and speeds of 18,000-22,000 rotations per minute (RPM). What follows are speeds & feeds settings for milling a variety of Precision Board HDU densities using the latest cutting-edge router bits from X-Edge Tools.

From the X-Edge Router Bit Team:

Here are the tools that we used and the associated feeds and speeds for routing a variety of Precision Board HDU densities, including PBLT-15, 18, 30 and 40. Machine used was a MultiCam APEX3r.

  • Roughing- XB2072 Ball Series 1/4″ Ball nose 800 Inches per minute @ 22,000 RPM
  • Carving- XCT018 Carving Series 1/8″ Tapered Ball nose 800 inches per minute @ 22,000 RPM
  • Engraving- XV2006 V-Groove Series 60 degree V groove engraver 300 Inches per minute @ 18,000 RPM
  • Cutout- XR2063-CB Razor Series 3/8″ diameter 2 flute slow helix with chip breaker 1000 inches per minute @ 20,000 RPM.

“We could not find a speed fast enough that would begin to show a degrade in cut quality with this tool on your material,” says Leslie Dowson, Director of Sales and Marketing. “You could cut as fast as you want and it did not begin to tear out the material or anything,” she added.

Jim Dawson at Synergy Sign in Ohio uses X-Edge router bits to cut Precision Board HDU.  “Our machine cannot outrun the material,” says Dawson.  “We run 400 IPM at 14,000 RPMs and could run it way faster.”

You can watch videos of Precision Board HDU being routed by X-Edge bits on our YouTube Channel.  There are videos for PBLT-15, 18, 30 and 40 in the routing playlist.

X-Edge is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan and manufactures CNC router bits and accessories.  Their tooling was designed specifically to maximize the capabilities of CNC Routers.  eXcellent speed, eXcellent quality, eXcellent tools.  You can call them at (224) 534-9653 or visit their website.

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