Sandblasting Precision Board HDU: Tips from SignCraft Readers

Sandblasting Precision Board HDU can allow for many more interesting and subtle textures than a wood sign.  In addition to sandblasting much faster than wood, it allows the sandblaster to move much closer to the surface.  Because of the low blasting pressure, the detail and shapes can be much more subtle.  Dave Showalter of David Design and Danny Dean of Dynamic Signs Design recently wrote into SignCraft Magazine with their tips for sandblasting HDU.  They also sent us photos of some of their signs, fabricated from Precision Board high-density urethane foam, manufactured by Coastal Enterprises.

Danny Dean, Dynamic Signs Design, Rice Lake, Wisconsin:

Sandblasted effects on HDU
“I like to mix textures when sandblasting a high density urethane sign. I may blast the background through the Grain-Fraim [] to get a wood grain effect, then blast the border or a panel directly to get a stucco or stone effect.
I like the contrast of the stucco finish against the woodgrain.
I sometimes make a template with a slot in it that lets me blast faux mortar joints for a brick or stone look. You can create a stone effect that way by monkeying around with the sandblast to get an irregular surface.”

David Showalter, David Design, Bryan, Ohio:

Make sandblasted HDU woodgrain look even more realistic
“I often sandblast high-density urethane through the Grain-Fraim to simulate sandblasted woodgrain backgrounds. Over the years, I’ve found that a couple of tweaks during the blasting process that make the effect look even more realistic.
First, my sandblaster does an initial blast through the Grain Fraim. Next, he moves the Grain Fraim about an eighth of an inch up or down and continues blasting. This really creates a great look.
Finally, we remove the Grain-Fraim and continue blasting. It deepens everything. It just adds to the effect and makes it look more realistic.”


Both of these gentlemen used Precision Board HDU in their sandblasting tips for SignCraft Magazine.  You can check out our SignCraft Magazine page on the website HERE to see all the articles where Precision Board and Companion Products (adhesives, primers & fillers, textures & coatings) from Coastal Enterprises are mentioned.

We offer more detailed tips on sandblasting Precision Board high-density urethane HERE as well as in this blog post from Kendal Signs in Florida who not only replaced several cedar signs with Precision Board HDU, but also sandblasted them and let us in on their process.

Not sandblasting, but still want to get that wood grain effect on Precision Board?  Coastal Enterprises’ TSF-45 Texture Coating is perfect for adding grain to HDU.  Call us for samples!

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