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22 Aug

Tips For Laminating/Bonding Precision Board Plus HDU

Tired of adhesives that expand too much or don’t cure properly? Check out our list of tips, and save yourself time and a headache! Years of experience fabricating custom bonded tooling blocks and extra large Precision Board Plus sheets have taught us a thing or two about proper laminating techniques. We have compiled this list..

11 Apr

Looking For An Easy To Use Crack Filling & Repair Material?

FSC-360 WB is a water-based crack filling and repair material specifically formulated for use on Precision Board Plus high density urethane (HDU). It can also be used on wood and metal and it adheres well to most plastics. If you are looking for an easy to sand, quick-drying repair filler for use on multiple materials,..

04 Apr

Simulate Wood Grain, Stucco and Other Textures

Many times we talk to customers who are interested in giving their sign a wood-grain finish but do not have access to a sandblaster, time for their router to carve wood grain, or are looking for a more custom finish. Coastal Enterprises offers two different surface coatings: PB Hardcoat and TSF-45 for just this reason. PB..

28 Mar

Looking for a FAST-CURING adhesive?

Are you in the market for a fast-curing adhesive to use on high-density urethane, wood, metal or other materials? Coastal Enterprises manufactures PB Fast Set ,an adhesive made for all types of materials. Being remarkably easy to cut, carve and sand, as well as being waterproof and fully cured in 30 minutes, PB Fast Set is an excellent..

23 Nov

Win PB Bond-240!!

Coastal Enterprises is giving away a free 32 oz bottle of PB Bond-240 – One part urethane adhesive (instructional video) to the 240th person that can tell us what the ‘green guy’ (he’s wearing a green shirt) is thinking in our ad in Sign Builder Nov Issue Page 28! Contact us with your answer and you..

20 Oct

Bonding & Laminating with PB Bond-240

Coastal Enterprises is proud to announce the launch of our new “How to Video” series. For our first installment, we have selected PB Bond-240, our popular one-part urethane adhesive. Check it out and let us know what you think! Bonding & Laminating PB Bond-240 Video                    ..

30 Sep

TSF-45: Creating Durable and Flexible Sign Textures

Looking for a tough yet flexible product that easily allows you to simultaneously add texture, protection and value to your signs? Whether for environmental reasons or the desire to use a material that lasts longer and performs better than wood, Sign & Model makers are increasingly turning to wood substitutes like Precision Board Plus. And..

03 Sep

A Protective Coating That Saves Time and Adds Value

  Looking for a tough, versatile, flexible texturing product that is fun and easy to work with, adds value to your signs and sculptures, while saving you time? After years of working with sign makers and listening to their feedback on available products, we developed PB Hard Coat to fulfill these requested attributes. We understand..