Making a Splash with Pirok Design: Creating Blackberry Farm’s Dimensional Signs

Kevin Pirok founded Pirok Design in 1996 after spending the early stages of his career working with some of the most talented sign-makers in the business. Now in its 22nd year of business, Kevin’s Illinois-based company does logo design, websites, marketing materials and creates distinct signs for area businesses. He uses Precision Board HDU as one of his sign mediums and we asked him a few questions about one sign in particular that caught our eye- Splash Country at Blackberry Farm.

Kevin used multiple layers and materials to give the sign the dimensionality he envisioned.  “This sign was part of a three sign entrance wayfarer system for Pioneer Park and Splash Country, so I wanted to make them as colorful and attractive as possible. For this particular park they are located in a country setting so that’s where the rooster and the barn comes into play as a theme. It was a farm driven activity center for families before it was upscaled to a park, so one sign features a rooster and another features a train. The train would take people around the property.”

Pirok Design's Family Aquatic Center sign

The graphic was printed on vinyl and applied to clear polycarbonate, showing use of multiple mediums and materials in the signs. “We created a sign for Family Aquatic Center which featured a dolphin breaking out from the top. The splash marks the dolphin is making was carved from Precision Board.”

Kevin is a big fan of Precision Board for a multitude of reasons. “It cuts really well. It routs really nice. I can carve it and I think the big features is that it doesn’t wear down your tools as fast. Precision Board is a lot less resistant than wood or other materials. It cuts and sands very well. We can glue it together and create different thicknesses and shapes. You can use it with FSC-88 WB, a water-based primer/filler that can be used prior to paints and coatings.”

Pirok Design's Main Street Pub sign

Don’t be afraid to use Precision Board HDU to add layers and dimensions to an otherwise flat substrate and come up with a fun and interesting sign design.

Things are really hopping at Pirok Design right now as they currently have five projects geared towards electric signage, a skill set that Kevin developed from his early days as a designer.

Kevin also just finished up another dimensional sign for Main Street Pub. “This sign combines reclaimed lumber with lettering cut from Precision Board. We used PB Resin as a doming technique and applied silver-leaf to it.”

If you’re in the market for some amazing sign designs or other company branding, you can call Kevin at (630) 365-9870 or visit the Pirok Design website to see an extensive photo portfolio of their work. We think he’s a great guy and does beautiful work, but call to verify for yourself!


AXYZ Open House This Week in Anaheim, CA

Coastal Enterprises in Orange, CA, was a must-stop location for Noel Archie with AXYZ International, Burlington, ON, Canada, when he came to town for their Open House.  He needed some last minute training on PB Resin for his sign he’s making with Precision Board for their Anaheim location.  They’ll be running different models and configurations of machines to show AXYZ various lines of machinery.

A catered lunch will be served along with two days of educational seminars focusing on sign production, plastic fabrication, aluminum composite processing, and phenolic based cladding fabrication.  Stop by the open house on Wednesday 5/17 and Thursday 5/18- we’ll be there and we’d love to see you.  RSVP at or call Nicole Silaphet at 800-361-3408 x286.

Check out our training videos for tips on using Coastal Enterprises’ companion products and get a taste of what Noel got a crash course in at our headquarters!