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26 Apr

The Sign Invitational Retrospective ( Part 1 of 5 )

If you would have told me in September 2015 that this crazy idea Dan Sawatzky and myself hashed out in Denver would turn into this amazing event, I would not have believed you. This past week, the Synergy crew spent the week in Orlando setting up, organizing, and tearing down what was one of the most exciting things we have ever been involved in. Over the next few days, Aubrey Gealsha ( recent hire and illustrator extraordinaire ) and myself will be writing a series of articles here on the blog showcasing what went down in Orlando at The Sign Invitational 2016. For Now, I leave you with the results of the competition and pics of those entries

15 Jan

A New Angle.

Here are some shots of our latest install. We would like to thank Amy for trusting us with creating their masterpiece. Metallic latex paints were used on all surfaces of this one. The sign was fabricated using our Multicam CNC router to carve 30lb density Precision Board Plus.

15 Jan

Up and Running!

In December, we installed our new Multicam Vpro Plasma cutter. We can now cut up to 1-1/2″ steel in sheet sizes as large as 5′ x 10′. The amazing thing is we had almost no new software to learn and were up and running rather quickly. Multicam has provided us with an amazing piece of machinery as always. Look for some amazing things coming down the pipe here soon.

16 Nov

The Sign Invitational

A while back, a brainstorming session involving Dan & Peter Sawatzky, Jeff Hartman, and Myself, yielded one of the better ideas I have heard in a long time. The Sign Invitational was born. The contest is simple. Set up some build rules that govern theme and size, then invite 20 amazing sign makers to participate in the challenge. The registration deadline passed on October 31st and I’m proud to say we have 14 amazing sign makers competing.

16 Oct

2 Branches down. 3 to go.

This week, we will have finished the 3rd branch of the Dover Phila Credit Union Sign project. We were contracted to update all of the signage at their 5 branches. Saturday we will finish our 3rd branch and wrap the final two up in the next two weeks. It has been a huge and challenging project, but also very satisfying. We finally had a chance to make more acrylic push through letters on this one

28 Sep

Never stop learning. Again.

  • September 28, 2015
  • Dan Sawatzky

I consider myself somewhat of a power user when it comes to using our cnc machining software, Enroute Pro 5.1. So why in the heck and I spending 3 days training on the software in Denver, Colorado?. Simple.

24 Jun

At The Movies.

A while back, I remembered seeing a Han Solo in carbonite sculpture that caught my eye. It was made by a well known sign shop on the east coast and all I could think to myself was ” I could do that!”. Well, months went by, and I still never had the time to mess around with it.

12 May

Never Stop Learning!

This past week was a great week here at Synergy. I travelled to East Texas, PA to visit Smooth-On with my friends Derek & Sarah. We spent two days learning casting and mold making techniques with their products. Some of these new skills will undoubtedly end up in our signs. It is amazing to see how to accomplish the same thing from many different angles

22 Apr

Golf Fore Autism

This past weekend, I had a lady tell me that we do great work and she really appreciates what we do for the community. I proceeded to tell her we were just doing our part like any business should when they have been blessed as much as we have. She went on to say that we should tell more people and promote ourselves more when we give back. I though to myself for a minute and told her we were just paying it forward and really didn’t need all the recognition