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18 Jan

Human Powered Vehicle Challenge

  • January 18, 2012
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George Leone, Student Project Facilitator at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, CA, recently sent us pictures of a project that students from the Human Powered Vehicle Club designed for the ASME Human Powered Vehicle Challenge. The human powered vehicles have been known to reach speeds of approximately 55 mph. After testing the sheet-metal prototype, a..

16 Jan

Lean Manufacturing – Maximize Value, Minimize Waste

  • January 16, 2012
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The Lean Enterprise Institute defines lean manufacturing as a process designed to maximize customer value while minimizing waste. Or, to create more value for customers with fewer resources. A lean company understands customer value, and focuses its key processes to continuously increase it. The ultimate goal is to provide perfect value to the customer through..

16 Dec

New CNC Technology – Partnering Craftsmanship and Manufacturing

  • December 16, 2011
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Instructors Ronnie Parsons and Gil Akos, at the Pratt Institute School of Undergraduate Architecture, are teaching students about new CNC technology. Specifically, they are addressing the difference between craftsmanship and manufacturing, with the goal of partnering them together. The former being the “workmanship of risk,” and the latter the “workmanship of certainty.” The goal of the..

09 Dec

Rockets and Eggs – 1000 Feet in the air

  • December 9, 2011
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We received a call from Luke DeLisio, an Aeronautical Engineering student at Purdue University, inquiring about the possibility of a Precision Board Plus donation for a very interesting project they were undertaking. Their mission: To design, assemble and successfully launch a rocket – with an egg inside. Mission success rides on the rocket achieving an..

02 Dec

UAV Project – Update

  • December 2, 2011
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As students at Colorado State University continue with this amazing project, they have been posting many pictures and videos of the UAV progress. See all the updates, including a video of the very first test flight here: and also here:  Machining Precision Board Plus PBLT-30:   Top half of carbon fiber mold curing: LARVA Dimensions:..

11 Nov

UAV Project – Colorado State University

  • November 11, 2011
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LARVA, or Local Area Reconnaissance Visual Assistant is a senior design engineering project undertaken by four highly motivated engineers from Colorado State University. It is an ultra-small UAV being designed for use in cramped urban conditions, using a VTOL System (vertical take-off and landing). Using donated Precision Board Plus HDU, they were able to create..

13 Oct

Thermoformed Likes it Turnkey

Thermoformed Plastic Products, located in the Air Capital of the World, manufactures Vacuum Form tools, Master models, CNC holding fixtures, Composite Layup molds and other tooling for many of the well-known aerospace companies.  TPP chooses Precision Board Plus and Coastal Enterprises to help them get the job done efficiently and on time.  “At TPP, we..

23 Sep

Now That’s a CNC Machine

We’ve been hearing for a few years now about the massive CNC machine over at Phoenix Technology Works, but until we actually saw a picture, we honestly did not have a true image of just how big it was. It’s one thing to read that the CMS Poseidon Moving Bridge is housed in a 10,000..

16 Aug

Family-Themed Cruise Line Debut’s New Water Slide

  Who do you call if you’re a discerning family-themed cruise line looking to build a state of the art water slide featuring a signature element from one of your most beloved and iconic characters? The answer is FormaShape 3D Architectural Design Solutions of British Columbia. The design called for a giant replica of the..

20 Jul

Speeds and Feeds

One of the more frequent inquiries we receive at Coastal Enterprises involves questions about machining Precision Board Plus HDU. For those that are experienced in working with the product, we typically hear things like, “this stuff cuts like butter” ,“my cutters last longer”, “I can set my CNC to a higher feed rate” or our..