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21 Jul

When Steampunk meets Polynesian

The past few months I have been learning new things pretty much daily and the past few weeks I have been tasked on learning the machines on the vinyl side of the business. As the illustrator/designer at the shop I am often given challenges or tasked to come up with ideas frequently. Jim loves to give me the most curve ball concepts to work with.

27 Jun

A Room fit for a Princess Pt.2

Today, we finished up the application on the plaque for my daughters room. Variegated copper and silver were the choices. After looking at the finished product, there is no doubt that it’s the little things that make something special.

13 Jun

T-Shirts, Get Your T-Shirts!

Listen Up! Synergy has some giveaway shirts that we want to give out to the community in thanks for all the support you have given us all year! If you want one of these awesome Synergy Sign & Graphics tees simply come down to the shop between 9am-5 pm and Aubrey will take your picture with your shirt to post on our social media with our hashtag #specializinginawesome. Good luck folks, we are giving these out as first come first serve basis till the last shirt is gone!

02 Jun

The Assignment

Since returning home from The Sign Invitational I have been eager to learn. I find myself hovering a bit over everyone’s shoulder at the shop and asking question after question.One day Jim asked if I would like a name plaque, like everyone else. I replied “Yes” very quickly. Being a person with a uncommon name and not getting all those personalized items as a kid (rulers, pencils, keychains, etc.), so you get excited when your name is on things.

12 May

Making the Gear- 2016 edition

Many of you recognize the piece that first garnered us national attention. Synergy’s gear set was featured in magazines and on our supplier sites for almost a year. Our friends at Coastal Enterprises even use it as a backdrop print for their trade show booth. That gear now calls Multicam’s Grand Rapids tech center home. Since we didn’t want the Multicam tech center in Cincinnati, Ohio to feel left out, we decided to build one for their showroom as well

06 May

The Sign Invitational Retrospective ( Part 3 of 5 )

So what do you do when your the new kid on the block in a room full of the most creative sign makers in the world? Well, you sit and listen to all of them of course… That is what I did at least. I have been watching and hearing about the contestants for months, so of course, I was going to pick their brains! Only I really didn’t have to ask or pry they openly started giving tons of advice, tips and tricks right out of the gate. That’s what makes this industry great.

02 May

Great materials and Great companies.

Since day one here at the shop, we have strived to build relationships in the sign industry. And I don’t mean that typical vendor – customer relationship either. We have sought out the best companies to work with and built a level of trust with them that gives us the most flexibility as a company while helping them build their brands, which in turn builds ours.

29 Apr

The Sign Invitational Retrospective ( Part 2 of 5 )

Aubrey Gealsha, our newest team member and Illustrator extraordinaire, took the time yesterday to write about her first ISA visit and getting exposed to the sign industry in such a big way at ISA 2016. I leave you with the words straight from her mouth. ( She’s pictured on the left… ) The past two months here at Synergy have been a non stop crazy adventure. We have been working long hours not only as contestants but as event organizers as well