Giving Life to Precision Board

Every year the next generation continues to impress us. After receiving the donated Precision Board Plus from Coastal Enterprises Company, these select creative minds brought life to what was once a block of urethane. Using PBLT hand in hand with 3D Printers, Paper Laser Cutters and CNC Milling machines, the students at Carleton University in Ottawa are working with cutting edge technology. They are incorporating materials and machinery to create amazing works of art.


PBLT 15 & PBLT 18, along with 3D printing, shows the intricate detail in the ‘Reef Project’


PB Bond-240 (one part Urethane adhesive) being applied to bond sheets of Precision Board, to achieve desired thickness for this project.   Next step: CNC machining!


Brant Lucuik, a professional CNC technician, helped the students learn about and use the CNC machine to carve the Precision Board.  There was a combination of densities used for this project. The students used PBLT-10 up to PBLT-20, though PBLT-15 and PBLT-18 were the norm. Everyone was pleased with how easy Precision Board was to work with, “It sands and mills beautifully and I would use it exclusively if I could” said Johan Voordouw, Professor of 2nd year Modeling and responsible for the reef project.


The students at Carleton used several 3D printers from around campus in conjunction with the Precision Board to create this reef scene. Most of the 3D printers used were “smaller makerbots” to create the coral reef shapes. Superglue was used to bond the 3D art to CNC carved Precision Board.




Precision Board in conjunction with 3d printing make ideas become reality. For more information regarding these projects, contact Professor Johan at Carleton University. For any more information about a potential CNC project, contact Brant at Carleton University. To find out more about Carleton University, Click Here!


CSU Students use Precision Board to help them compete…

With the continuous support of Coastal Enterprises Company, CSUF’s Formula SAE team has successfully finished a vehicle for the past five consecutive years.


2014-12-19 11.56.45

This coming year will be the first year they implement an aerodynamics package to the design. By using Precision Board Plus they are able to easily machine precise, high quality master molds for the wings.

“We have used the generous donations of Precision Board from Coastal Enterprises on previous years to manufacture our master molds for our carbon fiber chassis “. Says Carlos Gibson CSU Fullerton, Formula SAE Teams Captain. He continues to say, “We are one out of two schools in California that runs a full carbon fiber monocoque. This design feature would not be possible without the help we receive from your team at Coastal Enterprises every year”.

Coastal Enterprises would personally like to Congratulate Adam Morley who filmed and edited the video for CSUF’s Formula SAE Team and for winning 1st place for their video in the OESA Generation Auto Student Video Contest.

Click below to see the award winning video.