Precision Board Tooling Board

Precision Board Plus HDU tooling board

With its roots in Aerospace, Precision Board HDU Tooling Board is specifically engineered to meet the demands of a broad range of tooling and tool making applications. Both PBLT Tooling Board (for low temperature applications) and PBHT Tooling Board (for high temperature applications), possess excellent machining characteristics and dimensional stability for tool making. Precision Board HDU Tooling Board is ideal for soft tooling and rapid prototyping because it can be more rapidly machined and it is more economical than alloy or epoxy-based alternatives. Geometric growth in the use of composites in aerospace, automotive, wind, energy and other industries has opened up new markets for this versatile tool making substrate.

Typical Tools Made with HDU Tooling Board

  • Composite Layup Tools
  • Vacuum Form Tools
  • Tool Path Verification
  • Tool Proofing
  • Model Making
  • Prepreg Layup Tools
  • Autoclave Support Tools
  • Aerospace Layup Tools
  • Automotive Die Tools
  • Foundry Patterns & Masters
  • Prototype Patterns
  • Pattern Making
  • Machined Tools

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Precision Board HDU Tooling Board Features

For a Variety of Tooling Applications

Our PBLT and PBHT lines of Precision Board HDU Tooling Board are available in the widest range of densities and sheet sizes & thickness to match the performance requirements of the specific tool you’re building. Individual blocks can be easily and permanently bonded to create specific shapes and thicknesses, approximating the general shape of the tool. This saves both machining time and material cost. Save even more time by letting us do the bonding for you. We are fast. Learn more about our Custom Bonding Service.

Coastal Enterprises offers a full line of companion products specifically designed for Precision Board HDU Tooling Board to assist with your project. Check out our Adhesives and Primers & Fillers.