Testimonials - Coastal Enterprises
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Doug Haffner

I began my sign business a few years ago, and it quickly became clear that Coastal Enterprises Precision Board is the good stuff! I use the 18 lb. and 30lb. regularly, but have begun trying 4lb. for modeling by hand! Great customer support..and truly supportive. They’ve helped me get established quickly!

Doug Haffner
Haffner's Fantastic Creations

Dan Sawatzky

We’ve been dealing with the fine folks at Coastal Enterprises for more than ten years and use their 30 lb Precision Board exclusively in our shop. We also use their glues and primers with great results! I recommend them highly!

Jim Dawson

Great customer support and a great product. We use precision board exclusively when building our award winning signs. Thanks for being great to work with and for all of your support for the sign industry!

James Powell

I have been using Coastal’s products for a number of years. Their Precision Board is fantastic! It allows us to build prototypes faster and more efficiently than we could with mere MDF or other tooling board products. We usually use an industrial hard coating machine to coat foam, but when we need to do fine-detailed hard coating, their PB hard coats are perfect! Super easy to work with, great customer support, Coastal is just awesome!

Justin Powell

Love working with Coastal Enterprises!!! They have a superior product that compliments our metal coating system extremely well. Taking their HDU board and applying a metal finish to it is a GAME CHANGER!!!!! You can truly do anything with their HDU board. They go above and beyond taking care of their customers!!

Justin Powell