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01 Aug

Resins Cut Time and Increase Profits

When your design calls for a durable, ultra high gloss finish, one of the best and most efficient ways to achieve it on a variety of substrates including HDU, is by using resins such as PB Resin. Once you have the application techniques down, resins can cut time and allow greater profit margins for your signs because they..

01 Jul

PB Bond 240 Turns Scrap HDU Into Inventory

One of the best ways to get the most from the Precision Board Plus you’ve purchased is to carefully plan out your “maximum yield strategy”. Frequently, it will be more economical to bond more than one piece of Precision Board Plus to create unique shapes or thicknesses, versus building your sign from a single block. PB..

01 May

FSC-360WB Repairs Cracks…and Mistakes

Get a bit too aggressive with the sandblaster? The sign you just finished have some surface damage needing repair prior to finishing? It happens. And when it does you’ll be glad you have some FSC-360 WB Putty on hand. FSC-360 WB is a high quality, water-based putty specifically designed to repair damage that may occur..

10 Mar

PB Fast Set For a Strong, Fast Bond

As with all of our Companion Products, PB Fast Set has been specifically formulated to meet the needs of sign makers working with Precision Board Plus HDU. A versatile one-part, urethane adhesive that is ready to use right out of the container (no mixing), PB Fast Set will find many uses around your workshop. Use..

25 Feb

Texturing With FSC-88 WB

Dan Sawatzky is known for using a wide variety of interesting textures in the signs he creates. One technique he is fond of using is applying FSC-88 WB with random brush strokes to add texture to routed letters. To quote Dan, ” I don’t want my signs to look like a machine made them. I..

13 Feb

FSC-88 The Most Versatile Primer On The Planet

  After listening to sign makers for years tell us about their dissatisfaction with available primers, we created FSC-88WB. Spray it, brush it, roll it or squeegee it on, this one-part water-based product easily adapts to your chosen application method. FSC-88WB is a high-solid content, high-build primer, perfect for the closed cell structure of Precision..